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What we are about is simple

We want to help you power-boost your human resources infrastructure  for optimum performance and productivity of  your business

Lots of things go into this approach.  We recognize that each business is different with their own idea of what improved performance and productivity is, which is why it is a focus of ours to involve you as an active and strategic partner in defining your business success.

               Mostly, we care about you being the heroes and your business continuing to be successful.


      Here is what we apply daily in our approach.


      We believe in transformative interaction through the following:

  • We strive for positivity in the relationships we develop that extend a welcome to everyone, promote open communication, and take an interest in others' well-being and continous learning, while being effective advocates for your business goals and bottom line.

  • We drive results from the energy of the collective, leveraging and respecting each other’s strengths, analytic reasoning, and ability to execute and pivot when we need to.

  • We drive innovation by being agile, trustworthy, clear and upright with everyone in our daily actions, committed to building and delivering services to you based on extensive experience and our own goal of improving ourselves and our knowledge on a daily basis. 


                                                 And if we did our job right, you will see immediate results.





Practicing HR has been a wonderful experience that has provided me a firsthand look at organizational structures and people behavior over the last 25 years.   It fully encompasses cross training in every aspect of HR functions, in roles from Executive Director, HR Director, HR Manager, Business Analyst, to HR Business Partner, in a variety of industries. Added together with my businesses in workers compensation and a business school and graduate studies in Organization Leadership, I have gained a keen appreciation of the value of infrastructure and processes, business acumen, and learning about the nuances of people behavior and interactions. I am a proud graduate of the Riverside Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program.  Having worked in the diplomatic corp gave me a great sense of global operations but receiving national recognition for the turnaround initiative of a local 100-year-old nonprofit that nobody believe could happen was absolutely thrilling.


Now, I can take everything I learned and put it up together to offer you services and solutions that have worked overtime.  Organizations and people are always evolving and pushing us to do better. Some of the best solutions and lessons I have learned from have come from line staff and innovative managers and leaders willing to take the step to try something out of their comfort zone. We learn from our mistakes, but they do bring better insight and help people become more strategic and agile.  It's that agility and deep commitment to people that inspires others to do their best. 

Let me know how I can help you.  I look forward to it.


Best Regards,


Becci Diaz 

A  Message from the Top...

         Part of the Diaz Group LLC
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