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We can be your HR Outsource partners

We serve as an HR outsource to help you navigate through legal headaches, claims, retaining your top talent, and facing loss of your experienced employees. Need a compensation plan?  Need to upskill your HR staff?  We will breakdown a problem to its lowest level in order to get to the solution that is needed. 



Let us help you  through the details of these major claims and develop strategies to lessen the impact to your business for existing problems or to be proactive to avoid future ones. 

Compensation, Wage and Hour

Ensure that your payroll management meets the rules for exempt/nonexempt and out of state employees.

Are your compensation practices meeting the standards for CA Fair Pay?   Do you have a compensation schedule that can defend against a claim? 

On the Phone
Retention and Succession Planning

Your people are retiring or leaving earlier than you thought.   Get help with retention and succession planning to avoid being short-staffed.

         Part of the Diaz Group LLC
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