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Good Employees are hard to come by.

We can help with in-house or video upskill training for employees and managers of all levels of experience. What we have learned is that everyone needs training to either learn new skills or update existing one's.  See a topic you need, but not listed below? No problem. Contact us and we can customize it for you in training bundles or as stand-alone sessions.  Our training is also offered in Spanish. Sessions run from 1 hour to 3 hours and can be customized for supervisors, managers, and director-level employees.

Your team can help drive your business success by increasing their awareness of excelling at their job, providing them with tools and resources that will help them develop their knowledge and on-the-job practices.

Training available in:

  • Management 101 Basics - Manager do's and don'ts

  • Practical management considerations in your employee handbook

  • How to correct employee behavior

  • How to write an effective job description

  • How to write and deliver an effective performance review

  • Labor Board, Workers Compensation, and EEO and ADA Hearings

  • Lawful Terminations

  • Time Management

  • Project Management

In addition, we will do inhouse or video HR administration training  for your HR Staff or for  your employees that will be entering HR for their first time, or to prepare your next level HR Manager or Supervisor.

         Part of the Diaz Group LLC
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