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HR Infrastructure


The basis of good HR practices begins with an HR infrastructure that incorporates compliant operations and practices that are least risky, and a continous effort and commitment to creating a clear message to everyone of business goals, vision, and expectations.


To do this, we examine your risks relating to employment practices you employ , HR practices, and employee relations. A solid foundation of HR practices and procedures is the core key element to building your business.


This generally begins with with a solid review of  employee handbook and the policies and procedures contained within as they represent what expectations you have of employees and what benefits they will receive in turn. We identify what steps need to be done to correct legal deficiencies and gaps. 


At the operational level we examine  how you hire and fire, conduct onboarding, record keep, how you define employee roles and expectations; what your performance management and wage incentive system looks like as well as how you maintain your leave of absence and payroll systems, and recruit and hire. 


We conclusively look at your systems and processes,  skills development and training of employees and managers, performance and accountability, and the placement and selection process  of the right employee. This foundational structure will now allow for more strategic development of  processes, people , resources,  and streamlined practices. 

Employee Handbook Reviews and Updates

Consider handbooks as employees first impression of your policies and procedures that define what your expectations       are. To be compliant, they require certain provisions of the law be included. Every claim, legal filing, and lawsuit will look at your handbook policies as a starting point to prove the basis of their case. Let us help you understand what this means and ensure you have policies that fit the mandates of state and federal law.

HR Review 

This is  a useful practice of reviewing your administrative operational procedures and practices for records management, checklists for orientation and  onboarding, terminations, payroll, recruiting, leaves of absence administration, workers compensations, and others.

Job Description Reviews and Updates

Job Descriptions are the next central documents that communicate to your employees of what you expect of them. They will need to be reviewed every two years in order to ensure tasks and responsibilities are what is really being performed and desired, and include essential and physical duties of the job as well as wage information.

Coaching, Disciplinary Actions, Employee Investigations

This particular service evolves around the human interaction between employees and managers who are experiencing communication problems,  disciplinary review, or investigation into workplace violations.

Performance Reviews and Updates

The value of good feedback to employees is crucial to having them perform in the way you      desire. Not all reviews come with a wage increase, and all are not effectively written. See if your performance review process is getting the productivity you are seeking and that managers are consistently fair in their reviews of all employees in their departments. 

Wage and Hour Review

Ensure that your employees are properly classified and that they are receiving the correct wages for the time they spend on the job and entering their time correctly.

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